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The Norman Emerson Group emerged from humble beginnings in 1945 when Company founder Norman Emerson senior, began processing sand from a field adjacent to his home in Ardmore.  From there the extraction of sand moved onto Lough Neagh and today the Group is one of only six companies with a commercial licence to extract sand from the Lough.

From supplying the local construction industry with quality sand and gravel, ready mixed concrete and quarry materials, to providing a contracts service second to none, and enhancing gardens with its Natural Stone product range, the Company has in recent years diversified to such an extent that today the Emerson name is even associated with our office supplies division!

"It's been quite a journey" says Managing Director, George Emerson, who has just recently embarked on another ambitious journey as his Company assumed Group status.  Varied business activities, carried out from several different locations across the island of Ireland, will now come under the umbrella of the 'Norman Emerson Group'.


Despite taking on Group status, the Emerson name remains very much to the fore and the strong family ethos within the business is paramount.

The Company is headed up by George Emerson (Managing Director) and four of his five brothers - Norrie (Retired), Alan (Retired), Geoffrey (Services) and Kenneth (Operations) - along with Kenny Crooks (Sales & Marketing Director), who joined the Board over ten years ago.

The family name within the Company looks set to carry on as the third generation joins its ranks - Norrie's eldest son Colin Emerson, as production director of the Group, has a pivotal role to play in co-ordinating and managing all aspects of the business. "Our company has benefited from Colin's dedication and skill for over eighteen years.  he is very much a team player who has worked his way up to his position of General manager, a role he fulfils conscientiously and thoroughly," says George of his nephew and 'right hand man'. 

Kenneth's son, Kenneth jnr assists with the Lough Neagh operation, Geoffrey's son, Geoffrey jnr and Graeme, work alongside their father in the garage, Norrie's youngest son Glenn, assists in the running of Emerson Office Supplies, and George's eldest daughter Julie is his PA.

"The Norman Emerson Group as it stands today came about because of the vision, hard work and faith of Norman senior.  The Company stands in testament to what he has achieved" says George.  "And, it may never have been possible without the enduring love and support of our Mother."

Norman Emerson Founder of the Company
Norman Emerson senior
Sand Barge Lough Neagh
Sand Barge Lough Neagh
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Sand Processing Ardmore
Company Founders,
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