Norman Emerson Group

Norman Emerson Group construction industry supplies quarry aggregate, stones, easi-build, sand, horticulture & sports silica sand, ready mix concrete, cement, feature stones, rockery, cobble, paddle stones, gardeners mulch & gravel and also haulage services.


Construction Sands

Norman Emerson Group provide a full range of construction sands for the construction industry backed up by a dedicated transport division to ensure ‘on time delivery’. Products available include:-

  • Sands for Mortar
  • Sand for concrete
  • Sand for plastering



‘The Emerson Group provide a high quality range of building sands to meet my construction requirements.’

William Black
Managing Director
William Black Contracts Ltd.

Sand Processing Ardmore
Sand Processing at Ardmore Road Derryadd

Industrial Dried Sands

The Emerson Group has developed a high quality dried sand product supported by a dry tank delivery service across Ireland.

Dried sand is used as an important bulking component is the manufacture of adhesives and as a grouting for paving surfaces.

Dried Sand is also available in pre pack form as part of the Easi Build Range. (See Easi Build)


Sand Barge Lough Neagh
Sand Barge Lough Neagh
Sand Processing Ardmore
A sophisticated suction system
is used for off-loading sand
from the boats
Sand Processing Ardmore