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Norman Emerson Group surface supplies, quality free draining, uniform size particles, silica sand & equestrian sand for the horticultural & sports leisure industries


EQUESTRIAN SAND for Horse Riding Surfaces

The Norman Emerson Group has almost 70 years experience extracting, processing, and supplying graded classified Equestrian Sands throughout Ireland. Sourced from Lough Neagh the sand is double washed to remove silt and then classified to achieve a clean fine grade uniform particle size. Emerson Equestrian Sand provides a firm and compact surface which ensures a sure footed supportive experience for horses and is suitable for Equestrian Riding Arenas, Maneges, Lunges and Gallops.

Portmore Equestrian Grand Prix 08
Given the changeable Irish climate Emerson Equestrian Sand remains free draining and relatively dust free in rain and sun.

We have provided equestrian sands to many premier arenas across the country including Dermott Lennon, Portmore Equestrian Centre and more recently Meadows Equestrian Centre to name a few. We can deliver all your requirements via our dedicated delivery service.


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Fusion fibre Polypropylene fibre


Polypropylene fibre emulates roots in grass, this is one of the most popular fibre additives, especially for deep riding Norman Emerson Lough Neagh sands.

The Fusion Fibres are carefully chopped to a uniform length of approximately 25mm to 30mm this is done to ensure the horse will not trip or grab on the finished surface, the materials used are made from polypropylene, nylon, and polyester as there is no wool present, the element of rotting is not an issue.
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