Norman Emerson Group

Norman Emerson Group. Natural Stone Centre. Emerson Office Supplies. Shakers Gift Shop. Horticultural & Sports Sand.


Construction Industry Supplies

  • Quarry Aggregate
  • Construction Sands
  • Ready Mixed Concrete
  • Rendering Dash
  • Pre Pack Easi Build
  • Concrete Laying Services
  • Industrial Dried Sands

Natural Stone Decorative Hard Landscaping

  • Decorative aggregate for surface applications
  • Decorative rockery, cobble, feature, water feature stone
  • Natural Stone Paving, Kerbs
  • Decorative Stone Garden furniture
  • Prepack ‘ Natural Stone’ range

Horticulturtal/Sports turf surface solutions

  • Horticultural Grit
  • Drainage gravels
  • Equestrian Sand
  • Surface Dressing Sands
  • Silica Bunker Sands

Office Supplies

  • Stationery
  • Office Furniture
  • PC / Printing Supplies
Norman Emerson Group Head Office Northern Ireland
Headquarters, Ardmore on the
shores of Lough Neagh
Head Office