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Genflo Sand Suction Off Loading System

Automisation of sand barge off loading by high pressure water agitation and suction.

Sand Classification

Grading of sand particles according to specification.

Moisture Reduction System

Reduction of moisture in sand drying stacks via suction processes.
Robotic Palletisation

Automated Bagging plant uses robot to stack filled bags onto pallets.

Superflow Screed

Introduction of pumped liquid screed to improve floor laying service.

Menage Sand Mix

Introduction of recycled materials into a sand mix specially designed for horse menages.

Perito Management Information systems

Introduction of a new accounts package which allows for detailed ‘drill down’ across key pre specified fields of information.

EFQM Strategic business improvement process.
On Time Delivery Process Measurement of Ready Mixed Concrete delivery against customer specification.
Tracking System Satellite tracking of all company vehicles to improve delivery and vehicle accountability.



Norman Emerson Group Head Office Northern Ireland
Headquarters, Ardmore on the
shores of Lough Neagh
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